EBC Gear Series 2: Bottoms

On to the next part of the gear series, the bottom half of clothing.

5 pairs of underwear (not in picture)
1 pair Skins Compression long tights
1 pair Skins Snow Thermal long tights
1 pair Lagalag Convertible trek pants
1 pair Craghoppers Nosilife convertible pants
1 pair Tog24 waterproof pants

5 pairs of underwear (not in picture)
1 pair Skins Compression long tights
1 pair M&S Heat Generating thermal pants
1 pair TNF Convertible trek pants
1 pair Columbia Convertible trek pants

I know what you are thinking, no picture of the underwear? You kinky bastard you, just kidding. But yes
5 pairs of underwear for 20-odd days in the Himalayas. There are a few factors that go against bringing a pair of underwear for each day. Weight is one, I know a pair of undies doesn’t weight much but things add up when in the mountains. And the fact that we won’t be taking much showers while up there a change of underwear is quite moot. While we will have to address personal hygiene via other means, we are hoping that the cold weather and the cleanliness routine will stave off any untoward hygiene issues. I don’t think anybody will mind if we do smell a bit, as everyone is going to be on the same boat. Sounds fun eh?

Ever since I’ve started doing Crossfit, I was introduced to the brand Skins. They are makers of compression gear and I gave them a try around a year ago and will vouch for their effectiveness. They provide great support of the muscles improving performance and recovery. I’ve never had to resort to my knee brace after wearing these things. With all the walking we’re doing, we need all the help we can get.

We’re bringing 2 pairs of trek pants each, so that we have something to layer with or as an alternative if one of them gets real wet. I’ve had my Lagalag trek pants for the longest time (at least 5 years if I’m not mistaken), they are bombproof and I certainly got more than what I paid for. Socs would have used hers as well if not for the only thing that I know that can ruin these pants… the flat iron.

Finally a pair of waterproofs each, mainly for torrential downpour on the mountains and also for layering when things get cold. Unfortunately I couldn’t find cheap ones so I had to settle for a pair of women’s pants, not that it matters when it’s raining cats and dogs.


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