EBC Gear Series 1: Footwear

As a follow up to our ‘official’ announcement for our upcoming trip to Nepal, we will be posting a series of entries detailing the items we will be bringing with us. We still need to get a few personal items and maybe decide to bring some last minute items, but the list is around 90% complete.

I will try to organize the gear as best I can, detail the brand/model when possible and provide the rationale for bringing them. Hopefully after the trip we may provide reviews and feedback, but for now let’s get started.


1 pair Merrell Waterpro Maipo water shoes
1 pair Salomon Quest 4D GTX hiking boots
1 pair Tog24 hiking socks
2 pairs Smartwool hiking socks

1 pair Salomon Techamphibian water shoes
1 pair Hi-tec V-lite Fasthike II hiking boots
1 pair Tog24 hiking socks
2 pairs Smartwool hiking socks

I’ve had my Merrell Waterpro Maipo shoes for a while and these things have been with me through quite a bit. I’ve used them for roaming around the city, as gym shoes, on the beach and in the ocean and atop mountains. They’ve tasted rock, sand, salt, sea and mud and so far they’ve held up pretty well. Socs has had her Salomon Techamphibians for around a year and was mainly used when we went surfing in Ireland. These things will primarily be used as camp/lodge shoes when all you want to do is chuck away the heavy hiking boots. I am also looking at using these for short walks or in case the main boots bites the dust.

Not that the boots we bought won’t make it, these things look sturdy as hell. Socs got her Hi-Tec Fasthike II boots for a while now and served her well during the winters in Dublin and our walks around Ireland and here in the UK. I’ve had to replace my own Hi-Tec Fasthike II boots because they didn’t fit me well especially for long walks, but my Salomon Quest 4Ds are a great replacement. They feel real comfortable and I’ve tested them out in Dover and walks in the park.

I’ve also tested out the Smartwool hiking socks and these things are wonderful. The cushioning is top notch and does not chafe so blistering is not a problem.


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