Getting your weight on

One of the things I’ve learned so far from Crossfit is knowing your one rep max — that is, the maximum weight you can lift once for a deadlift, back squat or push press.  A few months back, Allan and I had a chance to find out what our new 1RMs were when we did Crossfit Total.  Today we had to take that number for our deadlifts and lift 80% of it for 5 sets of 5 reps, with your max pull-up or chin-up in between.  I ended up with 50.5 kgs and Allan with 90kgs that we had to lift for a total of 25 times…on paper it doesn’t sound good, but it was surprisingly satisfying.


after working up to 80% of your deadlift 1RM, 5 rounds of —-
5 deadlifts (90 kgs / 50.5kgs)
max pull up/chin up

15 minutes AMRAP of —
15 air squats
10 knees to elbows
20 Double Unders OR 60 singles OR 20 box jumps (box jumps / singles)

It didn’t hit me until after the workout, but Allan was 10kg shy of his 1RM and I was 15kgs away from mine, and yet we did 24/25 reps each in total!  Quite an amazing feat when I think about it.  Essentially, keeping your core and shoulders tight in preparation was the key.  During the lift, there should be no single area in pain…nor should there be pain anywhere actually.  It should just feel like weight.  Even better, its weight distributed to the lower back, a little on the shoulders and on both legs.  When the proper position and rep is in place, your body can do amazing things.

So amazing in fact, that I consider it the highlight of our hour. The WOD itself was hard, but as its AMRAP, you can set your own goal and then aim for it. I had initially aimed for 6 reps as I knew I had done 5 rounds of a WOD with squats and box jumps in 16 minutes last week. Knowing that I would not be doing the box jumps but single skip ropes instead made me aim for more rounds than that last one. Allan on the other hand had to substitute with box jumps, we both had no Double unders so we had to pick our alternative poison. I managed to hit my goal of 6 reps and even got as far as getting 3 knees to elbows on the way my 7th. Allan did 5 rounds + 6 air squats.

Overall, it was a good full hour in the box today.


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