Major suckfest

KB Snatch progression (16kg, 12kg)
10 KB Swings (20kgs, 16kgs)
3 KB Snatch per arm

Barbell Snatch

3 Rounds (20min cap)
50 KB Swings (16kgs, 12kgs)
25 Squats
15 Push-ups
10 KB Snatch each arm
5 Strict Pull-ups
400m run

Socs is back in London for training, both for work and Crossfit, and she gets badass pregnant trainer Sally Dixey for her comeback session. This was the first time I had a go with the 20kg kettle bells and they were not as heavy as I dreaded. I will probably be using these on warm-ups and skills session next time around (on WODs is going to be a different thing entirely). For some reason the KB snatches just clicked for me and I got most of it correctly.

I concentrated mainly on technique on the barbell snatch and did not go high on the weight (just played around with 25kgs). Snatches are pretty new to me so I wanted to get the technique down on this session.

The WOD was bad, in a good way. This one was pretty obvious from just the number of reps and combination of moves. I didn’t have much of a problem on the first round, got some flak from doing the pull-ups with a band (which was right, I didn’t need them). The run, which I never liked killed me to the point that I sort of struggled on the next round of KB swings. I was out of it that I forgot to the 25 squats on the second round.

Time ran out on my 3rd round with 35 KB swings, Socs was on the 3rd round with 25 KB swings as well. I do still feel guilty about missing the 25 squats though, I will try to make up for it on a different day.


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