Getting Over It

Around a year ago, Allan was trying to get me to jump on one of the benches at Grand Canal Dock after one of our runs.  It was meant to be part of the workout, something that he picked up from Crossfit.  After much deliberation and staring at the bench, I refused, and kept refusing even after he kept convincing me to do it.  I knew he was disappointed, but then again, I had an image of my toes catching the edge of the bench and myself hurtling forward and hurting myself in the process.  It was not a pretty image and it  was scary enough to keep me from jumping. Enter tonight’s WOD:

Warm Up:  Usual warm up with 600m run, the usual stretches and a 200m sprint at the end.  There was a bit of chill in the air as it was raining a bit, so this was good to literally get warmed up.

5 Rounds for Time of —
30 squats
20 box jumps
10 burpees

I knew I could do my first 30 squats relatively fast and took advantage of that. That done, I faced my nemesis, a wooden box slightly higher than my knee.  I knew I had to jump.  I had faced this fear once before in London, but I didn’t do a total of 100 at the time.  I knew I could do it, as long as I concentrate and kept my jumps high enough.  I jumped and about 3 reps after I could feel the effects of the 30 squats already.  I knew I wouldn’t make it to 100 jumps so I resolved to try and get 10 out of the 20 per set as jumps and the rest I could do as step ups.

I did manage to keep to the half jump/half step up rule that I set for myself but my burpees were massively suffering.  It was my squats that were saving me as I could shave off time by doing 10/15 before stopping to catch my breath but even those were taking a blow on my last and final round.  It got so bad, I could only jump 5 of the 20 and had to keep the rest as step-ups on my last round.  I finished all 5 rounds in 16:51.

For the first time ever after a WOD, I actually almost threw up. I stepped out into the open after I finished the WOD as I felt it coming…but the cold air and rain quickly washed the sensation away.


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