I’ve never done a WOD with an Over Head Squat until today.  I’ve done the drills and practiced with the PVC and plates, but to actually do several reps and in combination with other things — nope.  And it happened to be combined with something else that I’ve not tried (in drills nor in WODs) — Double Unders. 

Warm Up:  the usual consisting of leg swings, bootstrappers, rollovers, arm circles but with only 200m of running and with 5 minutes of skip rope at the beginning

Drills/Skills:  Over Head Squat 3-3-3-3-3  (18kgs)

WOD:  10 minutes AMRAP of —

10 Over Head Squats (18 kgs)
30 Double Unders (60 single ones for me since I couldn’t do DUs)

I tried the double unders during the warm ups and found that I would be thrilled after doing one that I stopped skipping rope altogether.  Jody wisely advised me to continue doing singles after I’ve done doubles.  Wise words really, since cheering after one double under takes too much time.   For the Over Head Squats, I started out with 13kgs and then bravely took on 18kgs for the 5 sets of 3.  The weight felt just about right…it felt much more challenging after the 3rd rep so I figured it was a good weight to go with the WOD.   I got through two rounds and was feeling good.  On the third round I had to stop after my 4th OHS so I knew I couldn’t get much further.  I ended up with 4 rounds + 10 Over Head Squats with the last squats a complete struggle.  I couldn’t come up from the squat twice and had to drop the bar.


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