Its Just (Like) a Game

It took me about 4 days to recover from the last workout. Up until yesterday, sitting down and even walking warranted some form of uncomfortable groan from me. This morning was much better though, so I checked the website for today’s WOD and all it said was “Obstacle Course best of 3 attempts”. Right. That was saying something without saying anything. I was to spend the rest of the day wondering what the obstacle course would be. 

Warm Ups:
600m run
3 rounds of – 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats
400m run

Obstacle Course: This will be hard to explain but it consisted of –
Bear Crawl, Pole Traverse, jumping on weight plates, crawling under low bars, getting over 5 boxes, short sprint and a 200m run or walk with a Kettlebell in each hand (I had 2 x 12kgs)

First off, you started on your hands and feet (not knees) and “Bear Crawled” to a box roughly 5m away. You would then get on the box and traverse the long section of pull up bars with a box at the halfway point (the bars are probably 3m end to end — please note, distances are rough estimates, I have no idea if I’m right!). Land on the box and jump on to the plates lying on the floor and make your way to the low bars assembled one after another. This is where you’re supposed to crawl under (think military training where they’re crawling on mud under a net of ropes sans the mud and with bars instead) until you reach the line of 4 or 5 boxes. Jump/Step/Shimmy over them and then sprint back to the starting point where a row of kettlebells are waiting. Grab a pair and walk/run/hop/skip 200m with a kettlebell in each hand. Do this 3 times (not in succession), if you fall off the bars or do anything wrong, that will be an additional 2 burpees.

My first attempt was 3:30. I knew the bars would be my downfall and it was quite literally, as I failed to reach the halfway point and fell. That cost me 2 burpees. The kettlebell walk was also surprisingly difficult and I found that by the time I got to that leg, I was already struggling for breath. I did better the second time when I moved sideways on the bar instead of doing it “monkey bar” style and took off 3 seconds from my first round. My last was the best of the three with a 2:48.


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