Vital statistics

As part of my corporate benefits, I am entitled to a health assessment and I jumped at the opportunity to see how physically fit/healthy I am.

Aside from the usual urine/blood tests, health questionnaires and physical check-up there was an exercise test and ECG test which I was looking forward to. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my phone with me so I don’t have a picture of myself hooked up with all the ECG stuff. I felt like Captain America right about that time.

So for the results:
30 yrs old
5’7″ 65.30kgs

22 BMI which is smack right in the middle of the desirable range. 10% fat, which is lower than average and a 45% waist/height ratio also in the middle of the desirable range.

My basal metabolic rate is 1818kcals. I have no idea if this is high or low.

My lung’s forced vital capacity (FVC) is 3.71L (93% of predicted), whilst my FEV1 (or amount exhaled in one second is 4.85L or (103% of predicted). My FEV1/FVC ratio is 76% (94% of predicted). Normal ratio is between 70% to 80% so I am quite average.

My blood work shows 116.2mmol/l, where the ideal is 64-104. My blood will be sent to a different facility for verification of this. Total Cholesterol is 5.9mmol/l (ideal is 5) and LDL Cholesterol is 4.3mmol/l (ideal is 3). The doctor said to change my diet a bit and move away from red meat, and I was planning on adding more fish as well as fruits and vegetables to my diet.

Blood pressure is 102/66. Blood pressure response to physical activity is normal.

VO2 max is 39 ml/kg/min which is a moderate level of fitness. Flexibility is marked at 24cms which is on the cusp of being above average. Grip strength is 72kgf which is a low average.

The results of my exercise test definitely points me in the direction on where I can improve or push myself. I would like my VO2 max to increase a bit. My heart rate increase during exercise looks good but I need to increase my heart’s efficiency. My breathing response is a bit sharp when the going gets tough, which is confirmed by my experiences in WODs. I have a decent lung efficiency. My metabolism graph looks weird as I primarily tap on carbohydrates at low and high intensity but dip to take in fat energy in the middle. I don’t have much fat in me so I guess that could be an explanation.

So what is all this mumbo jumbo all about? Well to put it simply, I am fit enough to push hard during exercises as my heart/lungs can cope with the stress but still a bit off from being “athletic” which is definitely a goal of mine. I just need to train my breathing patterns and cardiovascular systems to improve the numbers as well as maintaining my strength. Sounds like Crossfit training doesn’t it?


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