Musings of a Noob

In my very early stage of CrossFit training, I find myself realizing that there could possibly be two options for me for each WOD:  go for number of rounds OR go heavier/harder.  As I witnessed the 6pm session go through the WOD, I found myself debating again and again what my strategy would be.  But before I get to that, today’s workout:

Warm Up – Same as previous…it might be that the warm ups at this box is the same, varying only the number of meters to run or reps to do.  I will update this when that proves false.


5 Pull-ups (assisted – green band)
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes

Not having done an “Every minute on the minute variation”, I wasn’t sure what the best approach would be.  The previous class were doing jumping pull-ups and air squats with the medicine ball to “catch” you (though all it was doing really was providing a target so that you’d go low enough, not to provide rest).  I knew beforehand that I would do push-ups on my knees so that’s sorted.  I didn’t know if I were doing jumping pull-ups.  The way I saw it Jumping pull-ups actually gave you more time to do the rest of routine whereas the pull-ups assisted by the bands meant I had to:

1. get a higher box so I can slip my foot on the green band
2. slip my foot on the green band (its harder than it looks) and remove it without the band hitting me in the face.

In short:  jumping pull-ups seemed faster.  What I didn’t know was if one was easier than the other as I’ve never done jumping pull-ups before.  In the end I decided to go for the bands.  In my head I kept reminding myself that I want to eventually do at least one proper pull-up and it seemed to me (must emphasize seemed here) that the band version is one step closer to that.  In the end, my decision was geared towards the “heavier/harder” option rather than the “number of rounds”. And I ended up with a dismal 7 rounds that were properly done every minute one after another…boo!

Now that my legs have started to feel more like flesh than jello, I realize that maybe I made the wrong choice.  Maybe WODs like this one are designed to let you do more rounds whereas WODs that have a set number of rounds and a prescribed weight are those that are designed to push yourself to go the heavier or harder load.

I don’t know.  Like I said, I’m in my early days in this one.  Eventually I might gain the wisdom that comes with all the pain.


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