In the spirit of things

L-Sit/Toes to bar progression
Static moves
– Dead hang
– Knees up
– Single leg
– Double leg
Dynamic moves
– Knees up
– Knees to elbow
– Toes to bar

Work up to 1RM deadlift
3×3 warm-up sets
3 attempts at 1 RM (maxed at 110kgs)

5 rounds
5 Deadlifts (70% 1RM – 75kgs)
12 Push-ups
9 Box jumps

The skills section was fun as I always wanted to try out knees to elbows (KTE) and toes to bar (TTB). It was a bit harder than I thought given the ‘no kipping’ rule on anything Crossfit London UK has set on us this summer. I found out that I could do KTEs with some kip, but only almost do it strict. The aftermath of this all is shown in this picture.

The strength workout was a chance to redeem myself from the last time I tried to do a 1RM on the deadlift. I was teamed with a couple of guys who were a bit stronger than I am so on the progression, we moved from 100kgs straight to 120kgs which was a little too much for me. I was able to do 100kgs twice, so that in itself was a personal best for me. I maxed out on 110kgs. I was not able to pull it completely, but I was able to lift it shin height after already being beaten by the 120kg, so I took that as my 1RM. I could have sandbagged it and said either 100kgs or 105kgs but I wanted to push myself (and that one of the girls pulled a 105kg bar…)

I think I liked the WOD. The deadlifts were heavy (I was initially thinking of doing around 50kgs, until I found out about the 70% rule). I stormed through the push ups and box jumps. I initially wanted a green box (taller) but could only find a blue box, but I made do. It was a nice feeling being pushed by co-crossfitters during a WOD when you start suffering to give you that extra push. My new found friend and I finished round 4 at the same time, looked at each other and said “Last round! Let’s go!”. I finished the WOD in around 7:15 and I felt great.


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