Recommended (by/for) Moms.

Its often been said that Crossfit is for all ages and levels of fitness as it can be scaled to your level.  I had proof of this today as there were visitors from Australia at Ronin Crossfit — Roisin and Goretti.   They are mother and daughter and Goretti is 60 years old.  Yep, 60 and doing Crossfit.  If that doesn’t prove that its for everyone, I don’t know what will.

Warm Up:
600m run
20 leg swings (front and back,sides)
20 arm swings (front, back, alternate)
10 bootstrappers
10 rollovers

5 Rounds for time
10 deadlifts (25 kgs)
5 burpees
200m run

As Ronin Crossfit post their WOD early in the day, I knew early on that what we were going to do.   I was thankful that all of them are familiar to me, as my jitters would’ve been far worse otherwise.  Still not used to having runs in my WODs though, as that really threw me off today and I was struggling to just keep running and to breathe properly.  Must get used to this.

I did my five rounds in 9:12…decent enough I think. Goretti did rows instead of the run and was deadlifting a far heavier weight than I was! Quite impressive indeed.


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