Easy day

Hip mobility

Front Squat 3-3-3-3 (70kgs, 35kgs)
Ring Dip practice in between sets

4 Round Tabata skipping

4 Rounds
10 KB swings (24kgs, 16kgs)
15 Knees to elbow / Knee raises
20 Double Unders (or attempts)

It has been a while since we’ve done front squats (in fact, I don’t think we’ve done front squats since I joined Crossfit London UK). I guess the closest I got was doing squat cleans and I was able to do 65kgs then. So I guess this is a new personal best? 70kgs felt ok, I could have pushed a little more if it came to it but it might not be as clean as I would like it to be. We also did some ring dip practices and I got some pretty good techniques for the next time out.

Phillip decided to give us a break today and gave us an ‘easy workout’. It looked easy enough, but I new something in there might hurt. The 24kg swings was heavy but not too bad, it was the knees to elbows (KTE) and double unders that kicked me. I was doing ok with the knees to elbows at first, but around the 3rd round I was losing it and had a number of ‘no-reps’ on the last round. I was doing the KTEs somewhat strict on the first 2 rounds as I have been having problems controlling them on the way down in the past, I may have even managed one accidental toes to bar (which was the recommended movement). I definitely need to work on this one, but I am quite happy with this round.

I’ve also managed to string a few decent single unders during the pre-WOD and caught myself doing a few double unders during the WOD. Joy! I finished the WOD in 15:29 and Socs did it sub 15 minutes.

EBC Gear Series 3: Tops

Figuring out what a good combination of tops was quite an endeavour for a guy who’s only gear for trekking back home is a short sleeve cotton shirt. We had to worry about insulation, waterproofing and wind proofing. In the end we settled for the following:

1 Tog24 zipneck long sleeve shirt
1 Lagalag long sleeve trek shirt
1 National Geographic long safari sleeve shirt
1 Patagonia Guide softshell jacket
1 TNF Genesis Fleece jacket
1 TNF Flight series waterproof jacket
1 TNF Point Five Jacket

1 Tog24 zipneck long sleeve shirt
1 Trek shirt (to buy)
1 National Geographic long safari sleeve shirt
1 TNF Windwall jacket
1 Sprayway jacket
1 TNF Resolve Jacket (not in picture)
1 TNF Point Five Jacket

You definitely need 2 trek shirts for the duration, Socs needs to buy 1 more and I got a Lagalag trek shirt before I headed over here. I’ve always been keen on supporting the local (Philippine) brands especially with the basics, they’re cheap and they’ll get the job done so.

At the same time I’ve been a fan of the National Geographic store here in London ever since I saw it so I just had to get me one of their iconic safari shirts. And they were on sale to boot! Socs couldn’t find a safari shirt similar to mine that was on sale, but she got a very nice shirt ( a little too nice for the mountains I say). Things are pretty expensive on this store so it was sale or bust.

For insulation, fleece is the name of the game. Socs got her nice pink Sprayway kids fleece and I got my basic black TNF. For wind proofing, Socs got the very nice TNF Windwall which has a bit of insulation as well. I opted for the lighter Patagonia softshell which I’ve always been using for slightly cold days in Dublin and here in the UK.

For waterproofing, I’ve always used my TNF flight series jacket ever since I bought it in Vermont. It’s been up Mt. Mansfield (VT, USA), up Mt. Pulag (Benguet, Philippines) and the general wet weather back home. Socs bought her TNF Resolve jacket for the spitting Irish rain. But considering we are heading up the mountains of the Himalayas, we needed something better. Enter the TNF Point Five jacket. 0.5kgs of pure mountaineering waterproofness. We’ve tested these on our Silverstone F1 trip and well, they work. We are still bringing our lightweight waterproof jackets as reserve layers, won’t cost us much weight anyway.

I Bet You Think this Post is About You (actually it’s about me)

Allan’s been doing most of the posts recently.  Just can’t seem to find enough creative ways to describe all of those high intensity workouts.  Each WOD kills me and revives me at the same time.  However, it’s time to give an update on me.

First things first, I had reason to mix work with personal reasons to travel back to London two weeks ago, so before the trip, I just had to shed some weight.  Hair on my head weight.  Yes, I finally cut my hair short again!  This was my second attempt since after the wedding to convince a stylist to chop off my hair and this time it worked.  Voila!  Less hair = happier me.

me with short hair

And my second news, two of the bad ass women trainers at Crossfit London UK have now both mentioned me in their blog entries…woohooo!! Kate had previously rewarded my first ever Women’s session with a special mention and most recently, Sally notes my PB in this entry.   If I can be half as bad ass as they are, then I’d be happy.

Lucky number 7

30sec Samson stretch
10 Shoulder dislocates
10 Shoulder dislocates (bottom of squat)

Snatch Deadlift
Snatch High Pull

Snatch Grip Deadlift – 2-2-2-2 (maxed 80kgs, 50kgs)

Scorpion Bowl
7 rounds (15 minute cap)
7 Thrusters (40kgs, 25kgs)
7 Burpees

Today felt like a day for new things. We practiced the hook grip on all the lifts, which in theory can let you add 5% more weight. It hurts your fingers more than the additional weight though, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger right? According to Phillip, you can’t lift anywhere near your normal deadlift vs using a snatch grip deadlift. So looking at the numbers, that means our old 1RM of deadlifts are now out the window and we could theoretically go heavier. I am quite curious regarding this and would like to test myself out with this lift. Hopefully we can see how we’ve progressed so far.

I have mix feelings about the WOD. I initially had 45kgs on the bar but had to bring it back down to 40kgs after 3 rounds as it was getting too heavy to do the prescribed amount of reps without sacrificing good form. The burpees were getting harder as the rounds piled on. At the end of 15 minute cap, both Socs and I finished 6 rounds even.

Time space warp

10 KB snatches right arm (16kgs, 12kgs)
400m run
10KB snatches left arm

Push Jerk 5-3-1-1-1 (70kgs, 40kgs)

8 min AMRAP (4 rounds+7 swings, 3 rounds+6 snatches)
10 Jump squats
10 KB swings (20kgs, 12kgs)
5 KB snatch each arm
400m run
8 min AMRAP (6 rounds, 5 rounds)
10 Box jumps
10 Push-ups
1 min Max burpee pull-ups (6, 4)

This was a good one. The warm-ups were quite good and even with the run it didn’t completely gas me out. The strength session was quite an eye opener especially for Socs. She did a pretty decent 40kgs easy. From this point forward she knows she can push jerk a little more than 40kgs. I think I could have gone a little bit more as this was a strength session, while I was able to bring 70kgs up relatively easily it would have been nice to see how far I can go on this lift.

The WOD was quite an experience. The first 2 minutes went by fast, the next minute got lost somewhere and I just slogged through the next 5. Then on to the run… oh the run. I was the last one to finish, then it was straight on to another 8 minutes of work. At this point I was a bit gassed, I missed one box jump so I really had to concentrate at this point. I had a bit of push from Sally as “the girls where smoking” me. I tried to get the push-ups done more quickly to catch up as I figured this was the weak point of the girls. I’m not sure if our new Crossfit friend Adrienne finished more reps than I did, she may have beaten me by half a round or so.

The burpee pull-ups went by quickly, but at one point I thought this was going to be a drawn out slog. Good thing the time space warp was in my favor at this point.