Sweat angels

3×3 Push jerk (Warm up sets)
3×5 Push/Split Jerk (Work sets 40kgs)

Every 50 seconds for 4 rounds
2 Pull-ups
4 Burpees
4 KB swings 16kgs

15min AMRAP
4 Pull-ups
8 Burpees
16 KB swings 16kgs

I think today was a good day at the box. It was a warm and sunny day in London and we were quite warmed up even before heading to the WOD. Looked deceptively easy, but my experience with Crossfit it that you get bitten in the behind by anything. This one was no different. I stormed through the first two rounds but started slowing down after that. I ended up doing five rounds, after thinking at one point that I might be able to do 6 rounds. The pull-ups did me in in the last 2 rounds and the KB swings were taking a toll on my shoulders and grip (had a bit of a problem with them on the last workout). But after being a lazy ass for the last few days I was happy. I even left a nice sweat angel on the floor.


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