Irish Luck

Stretching after WOD

Post WOD stretch - photo courtesy of Tinay Salvador

Warm Up:
400m run
leg swings front/side
arm swings
200m run

12mins AMRAP
10 KB swings (8kg)
5 push ups
5  burpees
200m run

Returning from London, I had no idea how I was going to continue my training for EBC.  I visited the usual Crossfit sites in Ireland to see if I can somehow try and travel to their box even if it would be inconvenient.  Somehow, I  ended up finding Ronin Crossfit, Dublin’s newest CrossFit affiliate.   How lucky am I?

They run free introductory sessions every Saturday so I attended that with Joel, having brainwashed him into the CrossFit way (we blame Allan).  I thought it would be a light WOD, but halfway through, I started doubting what I could do.  The Kettlebell swings were particularly hard for me and I’ve never had a WOD that required running, so that threw me off as well.  I ended up doing 5 rounds plus 10 KB swings.  It was disappointing I think considering I’ve been training for a month.

I’m signing up and starting on Monday, hopefully everything goes well.


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