Just keep going

Straight up WOD
1st bit
5 Rounds
5m run
5 Push ups
4 Medicine ball cleans
5m run

2nd bit
3 rounds
2 Push jerk (30kgs, 40kgs, 45kgs)
1 Split jerk
3 rounds – Single max Split jerk (60kgs, 70kgs, 75kgs)

3rd bit
12 min AMRAP
4 Thrusters (40kgs)
4 Pull-ups

4th bit

This was a long but fun day at the box. The first bit was fun and flew past the running bit and push-ups. I did take a bit more time on the cleans just to get the technique right. The second bit was good too as again I worked on my technique and for some reason I got better as the weights stacked up. I did have a brain fart for the last round and didn’t give enough hip drive so that was a ‘no rep’.

The AMRAP was both fun but tiring. The 4 reps made it easy on the mind but the pull-ups and the weight on the thrusters took its toll as the rounds piled on. The way this one was broken down was that you essentially did Fran if you did 11 rounds. I think I managed 6 or 7, I stopped counting on round 4 and just got on with it. I still need to work on my thrusters (the last time I did it, I whacked myself on the chin).

We ran out of time but luckily everyone on the class was game to try out handstands so Andrew invited the next class to do the handstands with us as an overlap.

I believe I am getting back into this whole metcon workouts and hopefully I improve a bit more in the coming classes.


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