Love/hate relationship

400m run

3×5 Squat Clean (progression to 45kgs)

5 rounds
400m run
20 Deadlift (40kgs, reduced to 35kgs)
20 Push-ups
10 Deadlift
10 Push-ups

My first WOD without Socs and I must say I started to become apprehensive heading to the box. Then I saw the run component of the WOD. I’ve never been into running and I don’t get why people enjoy running. It’s boring, tiring and does not quite provide a nice ratio of work vs time. That and the injury(s) I get from running makes me hate it like the plague, but I do need to get better at it so I welcomed it.

The warm up run was ok, but then I got hammered with the strength and skill section so by the time I got to the first set of deadlifts after the first 400m run I just had nothing on my legs. The second run was ok, the third sucked, and I think I did better on the fourth. Time ran out halfway through the 20 push ups.

Need to get better at running, O2 consumption, and recovery. Looking forward to the next workout.


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