Withdrawal symptoms

‘Yee-haw’ carry partner on your back 10 meters 5 times

WOD first bit
3 rounds
5 Deadlift
5 Muscle-up progressions
3 Strict Pull-ups

WOD second bit
15 min AMRAP
10 SDLHP (30kgs, 15kgs)
10 Push Jerk
5 Pistols (per leg)

It’s been a while since Socs and I have been to the gym due to long weekends away (see separate posts) and my unfortunate injury from doing the 5K. For those who may not be aware I have been into the Vibram FiveFingers for some time now and running in these babies do need some getting used to. While I’ve been using them, I’ve never actually ran with them at this distance. My leg muscles are probably not conditioned enough to take the beating and therefore got myself into a bit of trouble with my knee. Lesson learned, listen to your body and train smart.

So after a few days rest and dreams of Crossfit, and forcing myself not to chicken out we are hopefully back on track. As expected I did not perform as well as I would normally do, but considering the circumstances I think I did ok. I only did 2 rounds of the first bit (as Andrew called it) because I failed to realize that we were supposed to start already. On the second bit, I just didn’t have the power from my hips to sustain a good pace. I also was not recovering quickly enough to get the rounds out. My knee felt ok all through out though, which is a good sign. I did 4 and a half rounds, while Socs did 5.

Socs is improving on the pull-ups which a big weakness on her part and she got some muscle-up progressions under her belt as well.

It’s good to be back.


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