Thank you Mr. Johnson

It’s been a pretty busy last couple of weeks for us, we’ve actually just came back from a recent weekend trip, but that would be a different post. Last week we had our good friend Jonas over for a couple of days. He was in town to for some personal business and needed a place to crash and our doors were definitely open.

While I was picturing hanging around London town and talking over a few pints, Jonas raised the idea of heading out to Dover for a day trip. Surprisingly enough, Socs and I thought about heading over there the week before but held it off. So we agreed, and in a cool coincidence Jonas and I had pretty much the same reason for heading over. Eric Johnson and the Cliffs of Dover.

I was introduced to Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover by the ’51-B’ boys, along with electric guitar greats like Joe Satriani. Liking the sound, I looked these guys up on the internet and when I found out that Eric Johnson’s song was about/inspired by the White Cliffs of Dover, I promised myself that I would visit it when I got the chance. And now that I am based in the UK, Dover a mere hour’s train ride away and a friend visiting, off we went.

We had a few challenges with London Underground and rail services but the trip to Dover was fairly straightforward. Upon arriving in Dover and heading to the cliffs was a different affair. We ended up on a road that probably led to the cliffs but not suitable for pedestrians, so we doubled back and found the ‘right’ route above the famous white cliffs. We could see a hint of the European coastline atop the cliffs, the French port of Calais being the closest, where most of the Dover port sea traffic was destined.

Walking along the Cliffs

Walking along the Cliffs

Jon and the Cliffs

Jon and the Cliffs

Allan, Socs and the White Cliffs

Allan, Socs and the White Cliffs

The weather was great, with the sun shining and no storm clouds in sight. And while we basked in the sun and enjoyed the views, I noticed a small beach head and a trail leading down to it from the top of the cliff. With the old adage of great men thinking alike, Jonas voiced similar thoughts of having a refreshing dip in the English channel. Seeding a good idea with a great one we both decided that a dip was not enough, we had to try and swim across the English Channel on to France. So as the British say, we gave it a go. As far as we know we are the first ever Filipinos to attempt an English Channel crossing. Leave a comment if you feel otherwise.


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