I got a star!

Drills and Skills:
Push Jerk practice

Warm Up:
mini WOD of:  8 push-ups (box PUs for me), 10 air squats OMEM (on the minute every minute)

WOD:  Cindy 20 mins AMRAP (As many rounds as possible)

5 Pull-ups (assisted)
10 Push Ups (box push-ups for me)
15 Air Squats

Let me explain the title — I was mentioned again on Crossfit London UK’s website here. I feel like a giddy grade schooler coming home from school with a star. Woohoo! 🙂

The workout itself killed me, especially the push-ups. At one point I was doing five at a time, and then even that was too hard to do. The pull-ups I managed but only because I was using the green bands to help me haul myself up, otherwise I would’ve done far less than what I did. Tried to push on the squats as that was the “easiest” I could do of the three. Managed to do 9+ rounds and sat on the box for the first few minutes afterwards trying to recover.

It feels nice to have your efforts acknowledged. Thank you CrossFit London UK 🙂


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