1RM Squat (105kgs/60kgs)
1RM OHP (47.5kgs/28kgs)
1RM Deadlift (95kgs/65kgs)

When we were told that the WOD was the Crossfit Total, I had mixed emotions. I was glad it was something that suited my strengths (which is brute grinding strength workout), but at the same time a little disappointed because for some reason I was looking forward to some metcon workouts. Apparently Socs felt the same way as well. But we got on with it and tested ourselves to see where we are in terms of strength.

I was a little disappointed in not getting similar results to last time, I think I did not have the right strategy going into the workout. Incremental increase in weight is the name of the game for me. Socs however did pretty good, I was quite proud of her performance actually.

Here is our previous numbers:
Squat – 110kgs/70kgs
OHP – 50kgs/27.5kgs
Deadlift – 105kgs/60kgs

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