Name the newbie

Overhead Squats, GHD Sit Ups, etc

Deadlifts 38.5 kgs
Ring Dips (assisted, green bands)

Another session without Allan, as always, I was feeling terrified hours before the actual class. I had chosen to attend a noon class on a weekday which I suspected would not be busy. I figured, the less people there are, the less people I might hold back. Being a foreigner with the most foreign sounding name in the class, Andrew ended up asking me to write my name on the board so he won’t mess it up. Hence, right beside the WOD was “Socorro” — anyone who knew Spanish would be thinking someone was asking for Help from the WOD.

The WOD itself wasn’t too bad though. I think I could’ve gone heavier on the deadlifts and still complete the WOD. Not having done deadlifts in a while though (and never in the Crossfit WOD context), I opted to be sure I could handle the weight.

I left the gym feeling proud thinking “I could do this”. Of course that was before the next session.


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