All by myself

Warm Up:
Push Press 5-5-5+
High Pull to Power Clean

Power Clean 28kgs on the first and halfway through the second set, shifing to 23kgs for the remainder
Pull Ups (assisted)

Surprise! Surprise! I’m posting the Crossfit WOD today since I was the only one there.  My main thing with starting Crossfit was that Allan had to be there when I was there, otherwise I would be attending the Women’s sessions.  Unfortunately, his schedule doesn’t permit him to go on weekdays and the Women’s sessions only go once a week. As I’m paying to go 3x a week, I had to suck it up and face the pain by myself.

I started out with the heavy set of weights on my first round of Power Cleans, but on my second set, I could barely lift it up halfway through so I opted to remove some weight. Of course now after everything’s done I’m wondering if I should’ve stayed at 28kgs…it would’ve taken me longer to finish for sure, but would I even complete everything in 20 minutes if I didn’t scale down? I don’t know and I dont think I’ll ever know.


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