The dish with the fish

Skillz and drillz
Kipping pullups and “the dish”

SDLHP (Sumo DeadLift High Pull) 40kgs/17.5kgs
Ring Dips

For our second Crossfit class, we were given a lightly different workout involving barbell moves. I always have a soft spot for workouts that make use of the bar and throwing around weights so I was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I didn’t quite factor in the number of reps involved for today’s WOD.

I’m used to the 21-15-9 rep scheme so I just got hammered with today’s rep scheme at the Rx’d weight. The SDLHPs were actually ok, but the ring dips really did do me in. I only got to 12 reps of the SDLHP and had to stop since time ran out. Socs on the other had did well finishing all rounds.

For this rep scheme I would need to reduce the weight a bit and give myself the benefit of the bands on the ring dips. Socs could go with a bigger band to help out with the ring dips.

I did appreciate the skillz and drillz (yez thatz how it’z zpelled) for the kipping pullups. I hope this translates into me getting that skill on my Crossfit CV.

A post WOD drinks in Borough market with a couple of our new found Crossfit friends made the day. We also got a chance to buy a couple of huge prawns from the market for tonight’s meal.

The dish and the fish


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