Moving out and moving in

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, on this blog or my personal blog, and a lot has happened. My good friend William and Kate got married, Aunt Elizabeth visited Dublin, and Uncle Barack and Aunt Michelle visited both Dublin and London. Fancy that!

On a personal note, I (read we) have moved once again this time to England and make it our new temporary home. It is quite stressful moving house, all the more moving to a different country. England quite has a chicken and egg thing going on in settling in. You need a proof of address for pretty much anything. Including a bank account, which you need to get your proof of address (by paying bills and actually getting a damn place to live in).
So far so good though and I was able to settle in my new flat without any big issues. So, bank account – check. Tenancy agreement – check. Electricity supply – check. Gas supply – check. Water supply – check. TV license – check. Cable/Broadband/Landline – Check, check and check. Council tax – check. NHS – check. National Insurance Number – check.
Now settling into the community might take a while. Finding a good place to source your food and household items when you are travelling weekly is a little difficult. We still need to find a good/cheap place to get our meat and veggies. As well as an Asian foodstore to keep our stock of preferential items (good vinegar will always be Datu Puti). We still have to sort that one out.
Moving to a bigger city like London is great, lots of options for shopping, eating out and groceries but choosing the right lifestyle for you then becomes the challenge. Well then, challenge accepted!

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