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Playing with light

The sun was out and what that essentially means when I have my camera is that I get to play around with shadows.   It also let me play with post processing a bit 🙂


Socs Working a Push Up

Go the extra mile

Drills and Skills:

Press, Push Press, Push Jerk + a little review of deadlifts and pull-ups

10 minutes AMRAP
9 Deadlifts (30 kgs)
12 Push-Ups
15 Box Jumps

Attended my first Women’s Crossfit session today at Crossfit London UK and for the first time ever, I did not wake up on a workout day dreading the session. I’ve always liked the idea of having an all-women’s session and its part of the reason why I decided to give CF London a try. Somehow having all women in the session has less pressure for me to not hold back or delay the mixed session.

And it did help. I was able to focus more on what I wanted to achieve rather than focusing on not being the last one to end or the newbie who needs to review all the skills. I did lighter weights on the deadlift compared to a previous WOD, but I made sure I made up for it by doing as many rounds as I could. I also tried to do as many “real” push-ups (i.e. no knees) and ended up using the knee only for half of my last round. The box jumps, well I’ve always been afraid of them, this time I concentrated on just getting over the fear and just jumping.

I did four rounds + 9 deadlifts – yay for me! Oh and I also got another photo on the website (photo courtesy of Crossfit London UK):

Socs Working a Push Up

Socs Working a Push Up

We’ve turned two!

Yesterday was our 2nd wedding anniversary!  Its been two years!  We celebrated by heading to Kew Gardens to walk around and take photos.  We’ve other trips coming up to make up for a simple celebration and they will be blogged as they happen, for now I’m posting photos just for the sake of (we had one couple shot that turned out quite blurry…oh well).

Allan at Kew Gardens 2011

Allan at Kew Gardens

Socs at Kew Gardens 2011

Socs at Kew Gardens

First blood

Squats, squat holds, samson stretches, OHS
Power Cleans
Hand Release Push-ups

AMRAP 5 mins
10 KB swings 16kg
10 Box jumps green/yellow

2 min rest

AMRAP 5 mins
10 Thrusters 30kg/17.5kgs
10 SDLHP 30kg/17.5kgs

2 min rest

AMRAP 5 mins
10 Push-press 30kg/17.5kgs
10 Proper burpees

It has been a week of recovering for me and this is what greets me heading back to the box. My mind wasn’t really into the WOD and getting hammered in the warm-ups just made me slip one little bit and I got whacked in the chin with a bar of 35kgs even before the WOD starts out. I had a bit of blood on my lip just when we were about to start.

The WOD was a pain. Socs and I did pretty good during the first AMRAP, but we were just hanging on on the second and third round. There was no escaping on this WOD and we struggled all throughout. I still need a little bit better techniques on the thrusters, I think. My arms felt like they were made of concrete though, I am not sure if this was due to the delayed onset of last weeks workout or just getting the right mindset in attacking Crossfit WODs. I think I did a pretty good job recovering during the 2 min breaks.

On a lighter note, Socs and I made it to the box’s website though. I’m dead guy on the right hand side of the picture (courtesy of Crossfit London UK).

Name the newbie

Overhead Squats, GHD Sit Ups, etc

Deadlifts 38.5 kgs
Ring Dips (assisted, green bands)

Another session without Allan, as always, I was feeling terrified hours before the actual class. I had chosen to attend a noon class on a weekday which I suspected would not be busy. I figured, the less people there are, the less people I might hold back. Being a foreigner with the most foreign sounding name in the class, Andrew ended up asking me to write my name on the board so he won’t mess it up. Hence, right beside the WOD was “Socorro” — anyone who knew Spanish would be thinking someone was asking for Help from the WOD.

The WOD itself wasn’t too bad though. I think I could’ve gone heavier on the deadlifts and still complete the WOD. Not having done deadlifts in a while though (and never in the Crossfit WOD context), I opted to be sure I could handle the weight.

I left the gym feeling proud thinking “I could do this”. Of course that was before the next session.