I think I married the wrong man…

So, I “officially” changed my name to Vistan a few months back when I got my new passport.  On my trip back to Dublin, the lady at passport control informed me that there were three female Vistans who were on their wanted list:

  •  a “Vistan, Maria”
  • a Vistan, (I forget, but let’s pretend its “Concepcion”.. any similarities to anyone’s name is purely coincidental)
  • and a “Vistan, Socorro” (wanted on three counts)

Maybe I should’ve just kept my maiden name…or maybe I should’ve married someone else? (Yes I know you’re reading this *hug* :p )

I foresee problems getting NBI Clearance in the future…

the wedding from the bride’s point of view

It took us more than a year to plan and organize and it all happened so quickly.  Typical of most of my days back home during my trip home, I woke up around 7am, three hours before any of our wedding suppliers were scheduled to arrive at the hotel.  It wasn’t so much excitement as habit I think.  Nevertheless, I was anxiously going over what needed to happen for the duration of the day even over breakfast.

By 10am the hair and make up staff arrived as scheduled and that I think was when things started happening quite fast.  Hair was getting set, make-ups were being applied and before I knew it, video and photo were all over the room and the wedding paraphernalia were getting their photo treatments.  Flowers had arrived and they too were being photographed.  Unlike my previous stint shooting at a wedding though, the whole experience seemed extremely different.  There were no flashes going off every second.  In fact, photography was in full force only when they started putting on my make up and even then, no blinding lights were present.  Next thing I knew, I was dressed and we were taking portraits.  I thought those would be easy, but it really wasnt.  Keeping your chin down but your eyes looking up kinda made me feel like my eyeballs were about to roll up into the back of my eye sockets, but I survived.

Heading out was a bit of an adventure.  We were sitting around waiting for the scheduled time when I was supposed to leave the hotel when I decided we could leave.  After all, early was better than late.  Just as the elevator doors opened at the lobby, I realized that Allan could still be at the lobby.  He wasnt meant to see me until I walked down the aisle so we went back up to the room to give it 10 minutes more.  When we did head off to the lobby, I saw my sisters in law waiting for the car.  I thought they couldnt possibly be with Allan so it didnt matter.  As they drove off though I caught a glimpse of the silhouette of who was driving and saw that it was someone bald — I had to duck behind my mom, thinking that it could’ve been Allan.  It didnt help that they were obviously trying to catch a glimpse of me.  Turns out that it wasnt Allan, but I thought that was funny.

So we arrived at the church half an hour earlier which was perfect.  I saw my friends gathered outside the church, as scheduled.  To be honest, waiting in the car was a little weird.  I wasnt nervous, but I knew the time was about to come.  A few minutes later, Ames comes over to tell me that we’re starting.  It was early, I thought, but yes, better early than late, I guess.

The moment my mom left the car to take her place in the queue, I have to admit that I started to be a little nervous.  This was it.  All the months of preparation is about to come together into one afternoon of traditional and religious ceremony capped by an evening feasting on food we’ve pored over for months.  As Ames helped me up the steps to the church, I told her that I was a bit shaky and I really was.  When they opened the door and I started walking, the main thought that entered my head was “Oh no, the church lector asked the crowd to applaud my entrace”.  I wanted it to be quiet and serene, no fanfare and no applause please.  Nonetheless, it wasnt major and I didn’t lose a step.  I almost did when I saw my mom in the middle of the aisle with tears threatening.  I smiled my widest smile and concentrated on seeing who made it to the church.  I didn’t want to cry, I didn’t plan to cry.  The trick worked and I was tear-free the entire afternoon (and evening).

I wont go into detail of what went on in the church, I remember thinking that the ceremony was going relatively fast.  Faster than I wanted it to go.  I let it go, no big deal after all.

The most enjoyable part of the evening would be when we arrived at High Street and started having our photos taken.  Strangers were congratulating us and we were getting stares and smiles from shoppers.  I found it all very amusing.  Shooting inside Fully Booked was fun because we could just play around and look around and have our photos taken.  There was no need to pose and pretend to be model-like which we werent.  I will admit that I was disappointed that it had to end, but we did have guests to return to.

Walking into the reception hall I was pleasantly surprised to see that it turned out the way we wanted it to — intimate,  formal but not stiff and the candles and lighting created what I thought was a very welcoming mood.  The food, as expected, was yummy and the flow of the entire program was just what we thought it would be, simple and straightforward.

I suppose the best way to find out if it was a success is to gauge how you feel immediately after the event.  On our way back to the hotel, I was tired but very pleasantly happy with how things went.  It was all fairly smooth and we had a great time.  So based purely on that, I would think that it was a success.  To this day, weeks after the wedding, just looking back still brings a smile to my face.

our newest fixture on the kitchen countertop

I tried to start using it last night, but water wasn’t coming out.  According to the troubleshooting guide, I may need to remove the plate just above the filter and clean it first. 

Will try that one out tonight wooohooo!

Post Nup Supplier Review: K by Cunanan

We chose our caterer because of two main reasons: we tagged along to our friends’ food tasting last year and we thought the food was great plus we’ve seen photos of their wedding setups and they were always classy, tasteful and elegant. Those two main reasons were enough to make us confident that things would turn out well food-wise and décor-wise for the wedding.

And we weren’t disappointed. So far, all of the feedback on the food is positive. In fact, I think it was just me that had a minor issue with the food — the grilled lapu-lapu piece that I ended up with was not cooked enough. The upside to this is that none of the other guests seem to have had the same problem. As for the tables and the venue décor, when Allan and I first saw the centerpieces, we thought they were great. The flowers mixed with fruits and the cactus and yes, even lettuce had exactly the kind of colors and look that we wanted. Their idea of painting tin cans with copper instead of the original wooden box also was a success I think. It added to the “rustic” and homey feel as I didn’t really want the décor to be too stiff. I tend to think of high floral arrangements in glass as too formal — so we wanted low, lush and approachable. Which is exactly what we got. If the number of people who brought home centrepieces are any indication, then I would say it was a success.

I only have two things that are not so positive (but not necessarily negative either) with K by C. First, during the planning process, my coordinator had a little communication problem with them. It took about two months from the time they met and discussed the layout and décor before I actually had the details on email (being overseas, I naturally had to rely on written descriptions and quotations). How it came about, I feel it really isn’t mine to say since all I have is second-hand information. Second, I was a little confused with some of the details for the décor. Specifically those that had to do with rental of Fiscus trees for the venue and whether or not we would have our dinner table separate from the sofa where we would have our photos taken with the guests. Our final contract, received a few days before the wedding (about a week maybe?) didn’t have the Fiscus trees and indicated that we’d have the couch first and then the table added later at the same spot after the photos were taken. Two days before the wedding I received a text saying that the trees should still be part of the décor. At that point, I didn’t want to change any of the plans anymore (primarily the Financial planning) so I asked if they were necessary. When I was told they were not, I decided to do away with them. If we didn’t need them, then why bother. They would be using the Top Shelf trees instead. I found out after the wedding that Ames had to have the Top Shelf trees switched out several times as she wasn’t happy with how things looked. Whether or not it was a major issue, I don’t know anymore. Maybe it’s also the reason why we had the couch separate from the dinner table, since they didn’t want the trees as backdrop for the photos? At this stage, I don’t think I’ll ever know. All I know is that I was very happy with the end result and I thought the venue looked intimate and cosy and wonderful — just as I had hoped it would be.

Wedding Suit-up! (The Barney Stinson post)

Firstly this is a wedding supplier review and not a tribute to How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson, but I just couldn’t resist. And besides, I looked good in that suit. So good that I had two made.

Ok, down to the business of the review. I’ve always said I wanted to get married (and buried) in a barong. But somehow, I forget, the discussion/decision was made that a suit would be more fitting. I initially wanted to go with an “unknown” tailor and just get the cloth from Divisoria or something. Then I was recommended to Kingsmen Tailoring at the Intercontinental Hotel. I’ve heard their workmanship before and I’ve of their prices as well. We were able to pull some strings and got a small discount on their prices. It did not seem to bad at the time so we decided to go for it.
Long story short, the suits looked great. I’ve been finicky about the suits after being introduced to Ted Baker and actually trying on some of their lineup. Unfortunately I’ve never really been able to find one that fit me well. I’m glad that Kingsmen was able to provide me with the style close to Ted Baker suits and that fit perfectly.
I am a little disappointed in how communication and timing was managed as I’ve provided all the information with a great deal of time before the wedding and yet some of the suits were only finished 2 days before the wedding. And for wedding preparations go, that is cutting it close and brings quite the stress on the client. Other than that for the price, workmanship and quality of the suits, Kingsmen is always a supplier that is worth considering.