Do I still have time to post?

Ok. A few more days before the wedding and we’ve got a lot of stuff done in the past few weeks, at the same time it feels that there’s a lot more stuff to do!

Just a recap on what has transpired:
1. As soon as Socs got home we passed by Matus and got our actual wedding rings. These guys remembered us after all this time and we didn’t even need to show them our receipts to get the rings! (although we did have to pay the remaining amount hehe). They also offered to refurbish our worn out silver mock rings free of charge (part of their service). We got them back over the weekend and they are like new. They have got excellent customer service and would recommend them without a pause.
2. A few days later Socs and I had our prenup shoot with MangoRed. This was quite stressing as the plans regarding the shoot location and the concept behind it all started disintegrate due to circumstances. Everything was back and forth but I eventually found a location near our house and we went with it. We were not really able to coordinate with the photographers regarding this so we just stuffed the car with stuff that might be useful and relied on the genius that is MangoRed to pull us through.
We were not disappointed. These guys have it. They simply blew us out of the water with how they easily rolled with it. And based on the few photos I saw, it is going to rock! To say that they are good photographers is a grave understatement.
3. Another SNAFU situation came about in getting our supply of wines. I thought I had it all planned out, get a whole bunch of wine (which I’ve already tried before) from Barcino. I even dropped by to confirm if they had stock and how much lead time I had to give them. Long story short, there was a miscommunication so I dropped that option immediately. Socs and I went around our neighborhood and visited wine depots and bought sampler wines for tasting. Our wine tasting with friends fell through due to scheduling, but we managed to choose a wine we liked (even the kids liked it…. yes Socs’ nephew and nieces were our expert wine tasters). But as I said, situation: normal – all fucked up, the wine depot did not have enough of the wine we liked. They had another wine available (I made sure by counting the bottles) from the same winery so we bought one, opened it and tasted it right there. Luckily we liked it better than our first option. Sold. Done. Thank you!
4. One thing that was not so stressful was the final food tasting with K by Cunanan. Some minor discussion regarding the linen and centerpiece was involved but everything was in order. No hassle.
5. One current issue I have is with the suits from Kingsmen. I got mine done in around 2 weeks, from measurement to final fitting, with no problem. I even had 2 suits made. For some reason, the schedule all got mixed up so we are having to wait for a few items this late in the game. I would have preferred everything to have been done sooner as this has been in motion for months already but we dropped the ball so I really can’t complain much. Kingsmen could improve on following up the status of the suits considering the amount of business their customers provide them.
I would just like to add though that the tailoring is quite good and that the cloth makes a lot of difference in how the suit looks. So investing in a good suit is always a good idea.