Crunch time

With the sudden influx of friends proposing and planning weddings, plus the fact that it’s less than 8 months until our own wedding, Socs and I are starting to feel pressured and get things done.
So during Socs’ flyback for the holidays we’ve (well more of she) made a few more additions to the list of things that have been accomplished.
1. Coordinator – Polly Fong (
With Socs in Dublin and me currently freezing my butt off in Ohio, we definitely needed someone to help us out with the wedding preparations. We initially thought we could handle it or that Socs’ sister or brother can help us, but they’re busy with their lives so we decided to get a full time coordinator. Besides if we’re paying for an OTD anyway, might as well pay for full time coordinator if the price is right.
Socs and I met up with Polly and she seemed to have the same ideals that we have for our wedding. She gave us a few good advices during our discussions and we seemed to get along pretty well, which is always good when deciding on a coordinator.
2. Wedding gown and female entourage – Kat Sy (
Socs had a hard time choosing the right designer for her gown and for her entourage. There where a few options and all had their good points and variables. I think I kind of persuaded her to go with Kat Sy for the main reason that she is not really a wedding gown designer. It may be a negative for most brides, but Socs is not most brides. Kat Sy was the perfect designer for what she had in mind for her gown and her entourage.
3. Suit and male entourage – Some tailor that Karlo knows
While Socs had a bit of back and forth between designers, I had no problems in deciding. We’ll go with the tailor that Karlo got for his wedding. I googled for a suit design, found one I liked and sent it to the boys. I’ll buy the fabric, the boys will pay for the labor. Done and done.
4. Update budget – ’nuff said
Things that are also keeping us busy:
– Prenup shoot details
– Video coverage
– Gaining/losing weight