The Truth (sort of)

While the following entry is based on the experience of the author, some events may have been exaggerated.

Everyone was a little shocked when they found out Socs a I got hitched. Well so was I…

Socs came back home due to an unfortunate incident in her family, and as her then fiancee I was there to support her and her family during such troubling times. Little did I know that they where scheming for what would essentially be “the end of my single life”.

The key to all this was a copy of my birth certificate. I asked my mom for a copy (which she did… perhaps she was in on it as well?) and told Socs I had it in my possession. Then on the day we were to go to Bulacan, I received a text message telling me to bring it with me.

I was groggy with sleep that time (too early in the morning for me) and stuffed it in my bag. Little did I know…

Once the necessary events occured in that far off land, we headed off to have a meal with the rest of the family. On the way there I realized I was behind enemy lines… alone. Socs’ brother and sister (and I thought you were on my side Ate Weng…) started discussing civil wedding details while in the car. Trapped…

We hooked up with the rest of the family at a restaurant and even before the food came, I was wisked away to city hall… and escorted by the Barangay Captain! They brought out the big guns…

Long story short, the paperwork was handled quite expeditiously and I was married not too soon after.


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