what to do?

I’ve attended my fair share of weddings and have even been part of the ceremony and reception at one point or another. I’ve also endured a few embarassing moments of desperately trying to get myself omitted out of ‘single ladies’ games to avoid further embarassment. When I participated in my first bouquet toss at my brother’s wedding at the age of 16, I was surprised to find that unlike what hollywood movies show, the ladies weren’t fighting for the bouquet…everyone wanted to avoid it.

However, I have to recognize that some may not share the same sentiments. After all, there are some great laughs and stories resulting from these games. It may still be worth playing the usual games.

Now that I’m planning my own wedding reception, I can’t seem to decide on what we should do for the program. I would love to honor the traditional Bouquet and Garter toss…except that I keep thinking back to women stepping as far away from the bride when her back is turned. Other games like variations of ‘Musical chairs’ remind me of blue garters being tossed as if were on were fire from one guy to another.

I’d like my guests to genuinely enjoy the game and not have to be called five times and dragged to the center just to join in. If you were a guest at my wedding, what would you like to participate in? Drop me a comment or vote using the poll on the right hand side!

Supplier Review: Matus Jewellry

When Socs and I were discussing our civil wedding, one item we had to consider was the rings to use in the ceremony. While I already had made reservations to Matus Jewellry for our wedding rings we were not quite sure if we can get them in time for the wedding.

We considered using Socs’ engagement ring and borrow my mom’s wedding ring for me. We also considered buying cheapo rings wherever and use that. On the last Tuesday of my single life, we dropped by Matus in Megamall to look at some potential wedding stuff and ask them if they can create the mock rings (free from the wedding fair reservation) before we got hitched.

To their credit they said they could have it Thursday at around 8pm, and there you go… instant wedding bands! Kudos to Matus for such great customer service.

Hopefully the actual rings will turn out great as well.

The Truth (sort of)

While the following entry is based on the experience of the author, some events may have been exaggerated.

Everyone was a little shocked when they found out Socs a I got hitched. Well so was I…

Socs came back home due to an unfortunate incident in her family, and as her then fiancee I was there to support her and her family during such troubling times. Little did I know that they where scheming for what would essentially be “the end of my single life”.

The key to all this was a copy of my birth certificate. I asked my mom for a copy (which she did… perhaps she was in on it as well?) and told Socs I had it in my possession. Then on the day we were to go to Bulacan, I received a text message telling me to bring it with me.

I was groggy with sleep that time (too early in the morning for me) and stuffed it in my bag. Little did I know…

Once the necessary events occured in that far off land, we headed off to have a meal with the rest of the family. On the way there I realized I was behind enemy lines… alone. Socs’ brother and sister (and I thought you were on my side Ate Weng…) started discussing civil wedding details while in the car. Trapped…

We hooked up with the rest of the family at a restaurant and even before the food came, I was wisked away to city hall… and escorted by the Barangay Captain! They brought out the big guns…

Long story short, the paperwork was handled quite expeditiously and I was married not too soon after.

Details, details, details

I just made the necessary financial commitments to another one of our suppliers for the wedding yesterday. We’ve finally settled on booking K by Cunanan as our caterer after joining our friends Karlo and Mabelle for their food tasting.

I’ve seen sample setups and read good reviews about them on the net, and after tasting their food as well as seeing their setup first hand I knew we had to get them. Plus the fact that they fall right into our budget doesn’t hurt.

Now comes the details…

Socs and I have only a vague idea of what our theme is and the inspiration for our reception. We are leaning towards a Mediterranean/Greek/Cyprus inspired reception from our time together in Cyprus. I definitely loved the ambience and food there (reached my goal of 150lbs with the help of good old Greek cuisine), I hope the caterer can help out in materializing our mental images.

It all seems to be getting pretty serious now and decisions have to be made. Up until now (or in the next few weeks) I have only reserved the necessary suppliers for our date. No discussions on anything yet. After talking stuff over with the caterer, I believe I need to coordinate with the venue as well. Then don’t forget about the prenup… I need to gain 5lbs here (gym buddy anyone? ehehe).

Woohooo! Groomzilla on the way!


When I told my friends I was proposing to Socs there where the usual questions…

… “How did you know you wanted to get married?”
… “How much was the ring?”
… “Where did you get it (ring)?”
… “How are you going to propose?”


Then Jonas asked “Will you engrave anything on the engagement ring? How about the date of your proposal?”. Sounded like a good idea at that time, but I had no idea what to put in or even the exact date I was going to propose.

Jokingly I said “The one ring to rule them all…”

It was a nice joke. Kinda half meant. And now that I think about it, perhaps I can get that engraved in my wedding ring.

Although I’m not getting it engraved in my “actual” wedding ring (Matus Jewellry has this “Diamond Inside” concept that we are adopting… another entry for that), I could get that inscribed in my “mock” ring. It’s basically a silver replica of our “actual” wedding ring usually carried by the ring bearer and worn for “safety reasons”.

I was reasearching on how it would look like and I came upon a website that listed a few “cool” inscriptions as well, here are some of my favorites:


“42” (from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe)

“Put it back on”

“DITTO” (from the movie Ghost)

GPS coordinates of special remote location