Inspiration Board – First Draft

I’ve been browsing thru several sites on the internet, wedding-related and not in order to find out what colors I want for the wedding. Most sites I’ve seen post Inspiration Boards…a collage of photos that define what their weddings are about. I’m really not very good with colors (I originally wanted black,white and silver for the wedding…and though classy as it may sound, its very easy to get wrong) but I have to try and eventually come up with something.

So, I’m posting my first attempt. It still looks too varied for me, there isn’t one cohesive thought that pops out, I think. But its generally stuff I like in almost the same colors. I would post who took the photos and from where, but I don’t really know, having selected most of them randomly. The one in the middle though is mine, taken from my first month on assignment in Cyprus back in 2005.

I’ll be using this as a starting point, hopefully from this point on, things will start to be more cohesive.

The Case of the Missing Childhood Dream

My homework for this week is to come up with an Inspiration Board that would include the colors I want for the wedding. When I finish that in time, I’ll post it up here so that we’ll have something to keep coming back to when we need ideas.

The hard part about this is related to what I’ve discovered since our engagement….Unlike other bride-to-bes, I don’t have a clear photo of how my wedding is going to be. From the sites that I’ve been reading, it seems that brides use their wedding to unleash all of the fantasies and imaginings they’ve long had about their wedding. I recently ran across an article about Avril Lavigne’s wedding being traditional despite her initial plans of going against the grain, her reason, she wanted the wedding she’s dreamed of ever since she was a little girl.

So, in the hopes of reviving what may just be misplaced dreams of my past self about my future (bride) self, I have tried to dig deep to find what I want for my wedding:

1. It must be held at an old church, or one that looks old.
2. The church ceremony songs are sung beautifully by a choir with voices so heavenly, they’d bring tears to my (and everyone else’s) eye
3. Music, good food and everyone having fun at the reception.

Its not much of a list, but it something. From the looks of it, #1 is most achievable and possible, #3 is something that I would hope for and #2 is just plain added expense.

One other thing that got me thinking, if most brides have dreamed of their weddings since they were kids, most of the weddings I’m seeing now have very similar concepts (and mine might end up that way too)….so does that mean that each of these women (us) were imagining the same wedding? Maybe they (we) were all made to watch one film that the same image and the same concept, and it has stayed with them (us) until adulthood…

Hmmm…my vote goes to Cinderella. Women who can work glass slippers are capable of brainwashing one generation after another.

Initial steps

The journey has officially begun. Over the weekend I went to our primary options Nuestra Senora de Gracia for the church and Filipinas Heritage Library for the reception. Good thing they are still open (we are looking at Oct 2, 2010 as The Date).

After discussing it over with Socs, we are set. I’ll be blocking the date for both the church and reception this week. Joy!

The icing on the cake is that our non-negotiable mangoRed is also open for our date! Hell yeah! Will book them as soon as possible as well.

Unfortunately all these mean cashing out money for reservations. Small price to pay though….

The Question

On the day of our 38th month anniversary, on top of the cliffs of Batanes, in the island of Sabtang, surrounded by the most breathtaking view I have ever seen, Allan asked me to marry him.

And I didn’t say anything.

Contrary to what people think, I didn’t say “Yes”. Nor did I say “No”. But I did cry and I hugged him and I knew that he knew what my answer was. He knew what it was even before he asked. But by asking he was telling me and everyone else who would know that it was time to officially start planning one of the biggest days in both our lives.

And so, true blogger that I am, this blog is born. I had initially started one of the generic wedding blogs but found myself drawn back to blogger. Once a blogger, always a blogger.

This will be where Allan and I will post all our planning and brainstorming ideas for the wedding, and sometimes, maybe even things not directly related to the wedding.

(And in case you’ve been misled, my unspoken answer was a definite YES)